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A day in Gothenburg, winter conference, and mingle events

The 3gamma graduate programme have now been ongoing for over five months and us graduates feel better than ever! The people at 3gamma continue to inspire us with their skills and knowledge as well as their welcoming attitude. We have all been out on client assignments for a couple of months and are beginning to find our feet.

What have happened since we last posted? Well, a LOT is a way to answer. We’ve been doing so much every week since we began that it is almost hard to remember it all. I had to look in my calendar to put in mind the single events to be able to write this blog.

To begin with, we have had a inspirational breakfast seminar on the subject of how to become a better at selling. The woman who held the seminar was very inspiring and made us realize that what’s important is knowing what’s stopping you from selling. For example, it could be insecurity towards the sales meeting, not being confident about your knowledge and/or not wanting to be pushy. You have to look into yourself to your own barriers in order to be able to diminish them. Consulting involves a lot of selling - not only your services, but also your competence and ideas - so therefore this lecture was of great importance to all of us at 3gamma.

In December we went to Gothenburg for graduate courses and a graduate retrospective session. The course was in enterprise engagement which is one of 3gamma's newest capabilities. Enterprise Engagement covers how IT and Business can collaborate and engage with each other to increase their understanding and thus reach and exceed on their goals and create collaborative value. The course was held by one of 3gamma's experts within the area and a passionate consultant. From this course we take with us a lot of great skills that can be very useful in every client assignment we have. After the course we recorded the podcast episode about the graduate programme. (if you’re interested you find the podcast on iTunes, link).

The graduate retrospective is a reflective session where you look at the time that’s gone by and reflect on what you’ve been doing, it could be good or bad, stressful or energizing, difficult or easy. You discuss highs and lows and how it affects you personally and professionally. We have these sessions a couple of times during the graduate programme year. The purpose is to reflect in an informal and open-minded setting and in that way facilitate the journey from student to ready consultant.

The day ended with a lovely dinner at 28+ where we had a gourmet dinner. It was a delightful evening with fantastic food and great company. After the dinner we went to Hard Rock Café where Denijel (the graduate representing Gothenburg) had booked a session of Shuffle board.

Shortly after the day and evening in Gothenburg it was time for Christmas and New year’s eve and therefore we all took the opportunity for a short break. The pause was necessary since we then had a chance to recuperate and let all the impressions and new knowledge sink in.

After the Christmas vacation we went on our annual winter conference with 3gamma Sweden. We went to a beautiful place called Friiberghs Herrgård outside of Stockholm. There we had a two-day conference with workshops, inspiration lecture in creativity and service, and also a graduation ceremony for last year’s graduates. We had a lot of fun and it was a great opportunity for us to get to know colleagues from the other offices in Malmö and Gothenburg. We graduates were very privileged since we got to live in the hotel suites where we hung out until the small hours.

Lastly, we have been responsible for arranging a student mingle in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The purpose of these events are to attract new talents to next year’s graduate programme. Both evenings were very successful and the students seemed curious and eager to get to know 3gamma. We were very impressed of the clever and well-educated students that came.

Over and out!

/The graduates

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