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3gamma Graduate Programme – Growing into the management consultant role

The 2016/2017 graduate year has been up and running now for a couple of months. This year’s graduates, Denijel Becevic, Gunilla Gabrielsson, Gustav von Heijne, and Ted Olandersson share their experiences as 3gamma management consultants - so far.

The first few days were focused on introducing us to 3gamma’s culture, values and strategies. We began day one with a number of team-building activities to get to know each other, as well as our fellow 3gamma colleagues. We competed in the honourable game of “highest spaghetti tower”, built Lego-robots and gave presentations about ourselves. The day ended with a cooking activity where we got the chance to get better acquainted with our colleagues through the magic of collaboratively cooking great food. We can truly say that the first day reflected the friendly, fun and collaborate culture that is 3gamma.

Day two consisted of an introduction to the company’s strategies, values and history. An interesting day where our CEO, Peter Wahlgren, presented the history of our organization – how we have evolved from being an IT service management with eight employees into a more holistic IT management consultancy with more than 100 employees in three countries, in just eight years. Peter also presented the company’s values, which have guided 3gamma’s success.

The Swedish Managing Director, Erik Fredriksson presented our strategies and how we at 3gamma Sweden conduct our business.

This was an information packed day where we, as graduates, got the chance to gain deeper knowledge of what has made 3gamma the company it is today.

During the first month the graduate team is thoroughly introduced to 3gamma, certified in ITIL, trained in core consultancy skills and placed into interesting projects within the graduate program. The professional atmosphere at 3gamma makes you feel highly welcome and is supportive of the high pace we experience as we kick-start our IT management consultant careers.

Each graduate is assigned roles to assist the different area leads within the firm and some of us get to work within client projects. An exciting start!

In the months that have followed, all of us have involved ourselves in delivering challenging client, internal and graduate projects. In the client projects we get to support and learn from experienced senior colleagues, while continuously pushing ourselves to develop our core consulting skills. For us graduates, the beginning of client assignments consists of shadowing senior colleagues and assisting in multiple tasks, and as we grow in our ability we get assigned a driving project role. In addition, we are all involved in internal assignments that are driven by senior colleagues, as well as commencing our own internal initiatives. Initiating and supporting internal initiatives is highly appreciated and encouraged within 3gamma. For example, we have recently launched the first ever 3gamma podcast! The flat organizational structure at 3gamma makes it easy for us graduates to get feedback and support from management in basically everything we do.

Our first months at 3gamma have been both challenging and rewarding; learning new skills, getting to know our colleagues and the company, all while balancing tasks connected to both client assignments, internal projects and training. 3gamma has really welcomed us with open arms both on a professional and personal level (Oh and we do have great after works).

For now over and out!

The graduates

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